• Curlbond Re-Coiling Treatment Mask 236ml/8oz

Curlbond Re-Coiling Treatment Mask 236ml/8oz

Производитель: DevaCurl

Curlbond Re-Coiling Treatment Mask A rich, deep repairing, nourishing & conditioning mask for all curl types & damaged hair Formulated with Patented CurlBond™ Complex to repair, soften, detangle & work from the inside-out Contains Succinic Acid, Lysine & Arginine as well as Naturally Derived Guar Helps re-link broken bonds, improves strength, seals split ends & protects from future damage Infused with a Cozy Getaway Fragrance, a warm, tropical scent Leaves curls smooth, shiny, manageable & healthy-looking F

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